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July 28 2014

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March 12 2014

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September 15 2013

September 11 2013

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August 29 2013

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July 29 2013

I find it hard to believe ANYTHING derived from LISP could simplify anything.
Harlan: a Language That Simplifies GPU Programming - Slashdot

July 09 2013

July 05 2013

Der Spitzel-Sticker! Obama ausdrucken und auf eine Kamera deiner Wahl kleben!

July 03 2013

June 29 2013

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June 19 2013

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May 24 2013

The GUI portion of this application is now complete! If the NetBeans IDE has done its job, you should feel that creating this GUI was a simple, if not trivial, task. But take a minute to click on the source tab; you might be surprised at the amount of code that has been generated.
Creating a GUI With JFC/Swing

May 06 2013

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April 09 2013

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April 02 2013

Note that for very large time intervals (greater than 270 years on most platforms) this method will lose microsecond accuracy.

8.1. datetime — Basic date and time types — Python v2.7.3 documentation

January 08 2013

December 05 2012

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September 17 2012

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March 23 2012

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